Saturday, June 28, 2008

Creative Ideas in Responsible societies

Creative Ideas in Responsible Socies:Major(R)Khalid Nasr

We must use any platform to generate creative ideas.Internet plays a very important role in sharing ideas and encouraging creativity.
Ideas have consequences. They influence the political, economic and social systems that govern our actions and thereby affect the way we live our lives. Ideas have inspired many of the political and economic arrangements that have existed at different times in different places.The groups,forums and blogs on internet are very good tools to develop creativity & innovation.Dreams come true so does a workable creative idea.We must encourage new ideas. To learn some thing new -we have to unlearn certain preconcieved ideas.
Some of the ideas have promoted creativity, innovation, peace and prosperity, leading to improvements in quality of life and enabling people to fulfill their myriad needs and goals. Other political and economic arrangements have undermined creativity, inhibited innovation and lead to civil unrest, oppression, starvation, poverty and misery.
Over the course of the past two hundred years, the number of countries with such beneficial political and economic arrangements has gradually increased. As a result, this period has seen rapid improvements in technology and economic conditions. Meanwhile, the number of people living in abject poverty has been declining in absolute terms for fifty years in spite of a dramatic rise in the world population. Nevertheless, over a billion people continue to live in miserable circumstances.
The contributions by some of the most important scholars and thinkers, both historical and contemporary,explain the general intellectual concepts, some of the challenges, and some applications to public policy issues,designed for those who are interested in what these beneficial economic and political arrangements are that lead to economic growth and have the capacity to eliminate poverty. The political and economic arrangements that seem to be most conducive to peace and prosperity are those that exist in free and responsible societies.
In such societies, there exist certain institutions that guarantee political, economic and social freedom, and those institutions are in turn underpinned by ideas. Such ideas have been explored by individuals from many different perspectives, starting with ancient Chinese, Roman and Greek philosophers and continuing to the present day. Pakistan is not less than any progressive country . We have a good brain -power not just a manpower. It just needs a competent team leader to plish & refine this intellectual resource.

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